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Mindful of the founding objectives of the International College of Innovation (ICI) of the National Chengchi University in Taiwan, we reaffirm our solidarity with peace-loving peoples in the world and remain concerned about the hostility arising from the  Russo-Ukrainian war.

We stand in solidarity with and support all individuals suffering from this war – including our own university students and staff. We further recall that peaceful settlement of international disputes is fundamental to the sustainable development of our planet.

The ongoing warfare we witness today involves complex and multilayered issues, ranging from the collision of global military-industrial complexes; the European zero-carbon transition process; the history of migration and state formation; and more fundamentally, the deepened political schisms between Russian and Ukrainian societies. 

As a higher education institution promoting sustainable development, human rights, and people’s democracy, we deem it our duty and mission to facilitate interdisciplinary and international learning in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region. 

To cultivate our students as professionals and global citizens, we are fully committed to providing a safe environment for inclusive dialogue, mutual understanding, and anti-war solidarity. We do so through a range of signature courses, such as global governance, international law, global civil movements, politics of migration, and so on to help students understand the complexities of global affairs with an emphasis of a life-centered pedagogy. 

We believe the devastating consequences brought by the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war have affected many students and staff at the university. Nevertheless, we strive to support everyone affected in this bleak time. We hope for a swift end to this humanitarian crisis and the arrival of peaceful dialogue and collective reflection.