Dear all,

Welcome on board! ICI as the college for innovative and international studies welcome you to join the league of young talents who aspire to lead and contribute positive changes to the world. Being changes to the world suggests you cannot find the precedents that someone you can follow their steps. Being leaders who stay at the forefront suggests that you cannot find the precedents that someone you can follow their steps. You are expected to be the one who creates models, patterns or sets the paths for the next generations to come. Your initiatives, participation and creation, together with ICI, will define what this brand new college will turn to be. You will be the one making history here at ICI and I want you to enrich yourself as well as this college during your 4-year studies.

In the coming 4 years, I hope you enjoy your college life at NCCU. It will be the journey of self-searching and self-realization. At ICI, you will meet the people from different parts of the world. It creates an opportunity for all of us to understand different cultures and societies. We will learn from each other through this multi-culture, multilingual environment. ICI hopes to provide a friendly learning environment to help you grow and connect with multiple opportunities to be a person that can analyze and deal with complicated global public affairs. Be inspired, be creative, be innovative. Join us to make the world into a better place and lead the future that you imagine.


Dean of International College of Innovation