Welcome to the International College of Innovation at National Chengchi University! ICI is home to talented individuals, just like you, who aspire to be global leaders and change-makers. Being the change you wish to see in the world requires daring and innovative thinking, not just following precedents laid down by others. Leaders interrogate what is known, find patterns, develop new models, and create the precedents upon which the next generation will innovate. ICI is here to support you as you interrogate, innovate, and grow as a leader. In turn, you will define the future of this young program and the ever-changing field of Global Studies. You will make history here at ICI, and I hope you will enrich yourself and this college during your studies.

Over the next four years, I hope you enjoy life at NCCU. ICI’s diverse student body creates opportunities for all of us to better understand different cultures and societies. By fostering a friendly, multicultural, and inclusive learning environment, ICI will help you build the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and engage with the ever-changing challenges of global studies. Be inspired, be creative, and be innovative. Join us to make the world a better place and create the future you imagine.


Wen-Ling Tu

Dean of International College of Innovation