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NCCU International College of Innovation ‘s 2023 InnoFest@ICI Showcases Students’ Interdisciplinary, International, Innovative, and Project-Based Achievements

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On the morning of June 15, 2023, NCCU Innovation College (ICI) captivated attendees with a resounding success as it held the highly anticipated end-of-semester joint exhibition: 2023 InnoFest@ICI. The event served as a grand platform for students to exhibit their remarkable achievements in interdisciplinary, international, innovative, and project-oriented courses. Marking the second edition of this collaborative exhibition, this year’s InnoFest@ICI surpassed its online predecessor by expanding into a physical showcase, drawing the participation of an impressive array of 10 courses, 65 student groups, and over 200 students hailing from both Taiwan and international backgrounds.


Gracing the occasion were a distinguished gathering of guests, including esteemed faculty members with a keen interest in fostering entrepreneurial endeavors within the university, notable scholars from external institutions, NGOs and industry leaders. Noteworthy among them were, Rosa Fu, the GM of Ditstartup, Ray Huang, the BD Director of Entron Technology and Riley Huang, the Data Analyst of Breeze Development. Their presence brought invaluable guidance to the students’ final projects, opening avenues for potential future collaborations.


In a remarkable gesture to align with Taiwan’s experimental education initiatives, ICI extended an invitation to two esteemed teachers from the Taiwan Experimental Education Unlimited Academy. These esteemed educators, leading a group of 14 high school students, were treated to an eye-opening visit to the joint exhibition. Moreover, prospective students who recently received admission offers from ICI were also invited to witness the astounding accomplishments of their predecessors, effectively preparing them for the vibrant world of innovation that awaits them at ICI.


The joint exhibition boasted an impressive repertoire of courses that spanned an eclectic range of disciplines. Encompassing fields such as Investigation Report on Misinformation, Data Science, Statistics II, Innovative Technologies and Applications, Introduction to AI, Big Data for Social Analysis, Global Civil Movements, Sustainable Development and Urban Politics, and Global Issues in Asia, Migration and Globalization. These courses ingeniously fused cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, data analysis methodologies, and humanistic and social approaches. Through meticulous analysis and innovative problem-solving, the students grappled with critical societal challenges such as urban development, sustainability, immigration, and education. Many of the showcased projects not only received accolades from esteemed professors but also garnered sponsorships from government bodies and industry leaders. Such recognition now grants these enterprising students the opportunity to transform their exhibition endeavors into tangible collaborations with practical applications.


ICI’s commitment to internationalization was prominently displayed throughout the joint exhibition. As an institution unwavering in its dedication to English-taught courses and fostering global perspectives, ICI aspires to serve as a vital bridge between Taiwan and the international community. Thus, the exhibition not only celebrated local project designs but also warmly embraced the inclusion of diverse exhibitors. Leveraging bilingual presentations, students eloquently communicated their findings, utilizing English as a unifying conduit for collaboration with their international counterparts. This multifaceted approach beautifully encapsulated ICI’s unwavering commitment to propelling the frontiers of internationalization within higher education.


In a testament to the institution’s dedication to recognizing and encouraging outstanding achievements, the joint exhibition culminated in an awe-inspiring awards ceremony. Distinguished guests, including NCCU Vice President Chan, the Dean of ICI, and esteemed instructors from various academic tracks, presented a multitude of accolades. The recipients of these prestigious awards were bestowed with well-deserved recognition, serving as a poignant reminder of their exceptional talent and inspiring them to continue their pursuit of excellence in their respective domains.


This joint exhibition not only provided ICI students with an extraordinary platform to showcase their extraordinary achievements, but it also facilitated profound academic exchange and collaboration with the broader community. Looking ahead, the collective aspirations remain steadfast in fostering greater avenues for interdisciplinary exchange, thereby showcasing the full potential of ICI in pioneering new frontiers within higher education.