ICI is dedicated to cultivating students of outstanding capabilities in global studies through a cross-disciplinary approach broken up into three tracks: Global Governance, Sustainability and Society, and Data Analytics Through comprehensive courses, capstone projects, lectures and seminars, as well as internship and exchange opportunities, students develop global perspectives while honing their analytic, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our small cohorts of students from Taiwan and abroad create an intimate and communal learning community that is both diverse and inclusive of cultural and political backgrounds. Students are supported throughout their undergraduate career while preparing them for their professional careers.

  • Our English-taught program is especially suitable for students who wish to engage with international topics and with global career ambitions.
  • Our multi-disciplinary, internationally-focused curriculum fosters innovative thinking and cultural inclusivity.
  • Data analytics courses enhance global studies education with pragmatic skills, which are especially useful for career development.
  • Students have access overseas exchanges and internships that enhance their university educations and prepare them for future careers in diverse fields.