Global Governance Certified Program

Program Aims & Missions

The evolvement of globalization heralds the increase in populations, the exchange of capitals, goods, and information. Underlying the progressive developments, the issues such as border disputes, immigrations, environment preservation, conflicts in trade, information security, and public health all constitutes hurdles challenging the commonwealth of civil societies. This bewails dire needs for solutions, wherein the era of globalization bespoke the importance of public involvements calling from all spectrum, whether it be the private companies, international enterprises, non-governmental institutes or civilians.

The zero-sum game prevails in global politics had stacked up the insurmountable bulwark beleaguering national borders, which more often than not only degenerate conducive cooperation into hostile competitions. The looming challenges for climate, environment and pandemics toll the destiny for national insularism and heighten the importance of international collaboration and engagements from both public and private sectors. This reveals the necessities to facilitate international mobilities and cultivate future leaders’ acumen in global affairs, and capabilities in problem-solving and risk assessments. It also highlights the current ethos in promoting un-discriminatory participations, equalities, transparency, and accountability. In light of this, the International College of Innovation thus institute the Certified Program in Global Governance, aiming to encourage multidisciplinary study and cultivate next generations of young talents well-versed at all fronts.

Program Features & Curriculum

I、 This certified credits program contains both core and elective courses taught in Chinese & English. The curriculum covers wide arrays of disciplines and topics to provide holistic and comprehensive viewpoints in global governmental studies. Topics such as humanities & civil societies, economy, laws, information technology, environmental studies, public health, geography, and migrations are included in the curriculum design to build the foundation of multidisciplinary studies and practices.

II、These courses are taught by top-tier international faculty and expertise, allowing students to stay in vibe with current trends and acquire pragmatic skills.

III、This certified credits program is in joint force across colleges, departments, and research institutes, admitting 20 students at most each academic year. Students must acquire at least 18 credits for compulsory and elective courses to receive the certificate from the Certified Program in Global Governance upon completion of study.

For Application Form, please download from here (download)

Prospective Career Placements

I、 The institution of this program departs from the recognitions to inspect global trends through the lens of multi-disciplines that project contemporary issues and latest trends for innovative solutions. This allows students to align with global trends and real-time practices academically and pragmatically, rendering the essential and fundamental trainings for humanitarian studies. Also, to sharpen students’ perceptiveness in current affairs and equip them with professional skill-sets to cope with the upfront challenges in the globalized era.

II、 Under the aforementioned initiatives, this certified credits program strengthen students’ employability and global mindsets that would enable students to explore career prospects in both private and public sectors including business enterprises, research institutes, global thinktanks, international governmental institutes or start-ups. With solid theoretic and pragmatic trainings endowed from this program, we expect to shape the next generations of global talents to become knowledgeable for problem-solutions and competent to address challenges at global stage with innovative thinking, resolutions, and resourcefulness.

Program Regulations


Courses at graduate level open for undergraduate students in their 3rd & 4th Yr. and graduate students only. Other courses admit students at all levels of study.


1. Mandatory application materials: application form (download below)、transcripts (1st Yr. students please enclose your high school transcript or GCSE results; other matriculated students in 2nd Yr. or above should submit full academic transcript over the years (screenshots or print-outs from INCCU portal acceptable)
2. Application Submission: on-line application ONLY. Please send a signed copy of your application form and scanned copy of your academic transcript to this email address ( Email subject should be “Applying AY. 2022 Certified Credits Program in Global Governance”. Applicant will receive confirmation email from the college office upon completion of application. Should you fail to receive responses within three days after the submission, please contact us via email or by phone.

[Application Period]

Until 14th September (Wed.) 2022 (5PM)

[Announcement for List of Admitted Students]

Admitted quorum limited to 20 students. The admission results will be published on ICI website on 16th September (Fri.) 2022.

[Course Selection Methods]

For course information, please check on NCCU’s Course Search System. Choose Minor/Credit Program from the drop-down menu → select Global Governance Certified Program to view list of courses offered this semester.
All admitted students are obliged to meet the required credits as stipulated to receive certification from the program before graduation.
Phone: (02)29393091 ext. 62781, 67757

[Credits Fees & Other Charges]

In accordance with University’s regulations, credits fees will not be charged to undergraduates taking courses from certified programs. Postgraduate students or undergraduates in deferral of graduation will be charged with credits fees and other relative expenses incurred based on NCCU’s concurrent standards of tuition and credits fees.

Global Governance Certified Program (ICI NCCU)

Program Regulations

 Approved on 2rd March 2021 by ICI College Committee

    Approved on 10th May 2021 by University Courses Committee

       Approved on 6th July 2021 by University Academic Affairs Committee

Articles Regulations
§1 The International College of Innovation at National Chengchi University (hereafter ICI NCCU) established the Global Governance Certified Program to align with a globalizing world contextualized in cultural and social diversities. Our mission is to cultivate future global talents well-versed at all fronts and equip them competent skills to face the challenges in the world nowadays.
§2 This program is convened by the dean of ICI NCCU; the constituency of program committee members shall be the same standing committee of ICI College Course Committee.
§3 The running and regulations of this program are subject to the ruling of program committee.
§4 Credits structure of this program consists of compulsory and elective courses. Students are required to take at least one compulsory (3 credits) and five elective courses (15 credits) to fulfill the credits requirements. Students from the ICI program are excluded from credits waiving for compulsory courses at the credits worth of six.
§5 The program admits 3rd & 4th Yr. undergraduate students and master’s degree students.
§6 The program committee will decide the admission quorum based on the number of applicants each academic semester. Admitted quorum will be limited to 20 students each academic semester.
§7 Students should submit application documents during the prescribed timeframe for the review of program committee. Those on the waitlist will be shortlisted should there be openings from students renouncing admissions.
§8 The program admission will be subject to committee reviews at program meetings.
§9 Those who fulfill the credits acquisition as stipulated will be awarded with proves for the completion of study. This does not apply to students who are not admitted to the program even if they complete all credits requirements pursuant to the regulations.
§10 The University Laws and University’s Regulations for Certified Credits Program prevail the aforementioned articles should there be circumstances other than what prescribed in the regulations.
§11 The program regulations will be administered and implemented upon the approval of University Academic Affairs Committee and shall remain in effect unless a revision to program regulations should take place.

List of Compulsory and Elective Courses

Course Name Dept. Type Term Credits Course Offering Language
Individual Class In-house
Anthropocene and Geopolitics ICI Elective Spring 3 V English
Global Health Governance ICI Elective Fall 3 V English
Introduction to Global Studies ICI Elective Fall 3 V English
Computer Programing ICI Elective Fall 3 V English
Misinformation Governance and Democracy ICI Elective Fall 3 V English
Health Economics IMES Elective Fall 3 V English
Intellectual Property Management TIIPM Elective Fall 3 V Chinese
Artificial Intelligence and Ethics ICI Elective Fall 3 V English
AI & Governance ICI Compulsory Spring 3 V English
Technoscience, Society & Culture ICI Elective Spring 3 V Chinese
Migration and Globalization ICI Elective Spring 3 V English
Globalization and Public Affairs Public Administration Elective Spring 3 V Chinese
Design Thinking and Public Governance Public Administration Elective Spring 3 V Chinese
Design Thinking and Public Governance: Practice Public Administration Elective Summer 3 V Chinese
The Third Sector Public Administration Elective Spring 3 V Chinese
Green Technology Innovation TIIPM Elective Fall 3 V Chinese
Innovation and Intellectual Property TIIPM Elective Fall / Spring 3 V Chinese
Credits for Compulsory Courses :   3   credits


Credits for Elective Courses : 48   credits

Total Credits Required:  18   Credits
Regulations for Credits Acquisitions:

1. The program admits 3rd & 4th Yr. undergraduate students and master’s degree students.

2. Credits structure of this program consists of compulsory and elective courses. Students are required to take one compulsory (3 credits) and five elective courses (15 credits) to fulfill the credits requirements. Students from the ICI program are excluded from credits waiving for compulsory courses at credits worth of six.


Please refer course syllabi from the Course Search Query System.