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ICI Student Presley Smith Triumphs in Saipan’s Mixed Doubles Final

By 06/19/2023No Comments


Presley Smith, a student from the International College of Innovation (ICI), secured his first professional victory by winning the Mixed Doubles Final in Saipan. Smith’s triumph highlights the institution’s dedication to supporting talented individuals in their pursuit of excellence.

Partnered with Allison Lee, Smith showcased exceptional skills throughout the tournament, notably eliminating the top-seeded pair, Chang Ko-Chi and Lee Chih Chen, en route to the final. Despite their first-time partnership, Smith and Lee exhibited remarkable chemistry on the court, executing a well-coordinated game plan.

In an intense final match against Wei Chun Wei and Nicole Gonzales Chan from Chinese Taipei, Smith and Lee demonstrated unwavering determination. After narrowly missing out on the first game, they regrouped and adopted a more aggressive approach, ultimately overpowering their opponents in the subsequent games.

The final score stood at 20-22, 21-18, 21-14 in favor of Presley Smith and Allison Lee (USA), securing their well-deserved victory. Smith’s win serves as a testament to his talent and the support provided by ICI in nurturing his skills.

The International College of Innovation (ICI) takes great pride in its role in fostering the growth of young athletes like Smith. As Smith sets his sights on a promising future in professional badminton, ICI remains committed to providing the guidance and resources necessary for students to excel in their chosen fields.