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SDGs Boardgame Event!!

By 04/08/2021April 29th, 2021No Comments

Last semester, we received raving commendations from the students for the SDGs Boardgame event. As many of you were hankering for the next boardgame thrill, your wish is our command. On April 23rd, the SGDs board game will be hold in Prof. Yang’s class, ‘Glocalization of Sustainability, in coordination with Unity Sustainable Service Ltd.


The thematic subject will be on #Circular Economy, a cooption with the VITO institute in Belgium. This board game, Risk & Race, allow participants to roleplay as the company stakeholders and experience the decision-making process while taking the influences of markets, policy and environmental impacts into considerations.


Since the event will be limited number of students, so sign up immediately to join and bring up friends and fellows for the fun activities in midst of your (dull/exhilarating) semester.


Date: April 30 (Fri.)

Time: 13:00 – 16:00

Location: Room 202, 2nd Floor, International Building

Sign Up Linkage: