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International College of Innovation Hosted One Day with ICI Event, Leading High School Students to See New Possibilities in University Education

By 04/11/2023No Comments

On Saturday afternoon (3/22), the International College of Innovation (ICI) hosted the “One Day with ICI” event at the International Building, where high school students from all over Taiwan were invited to learn about ICI’s interdisciplinary curriculum. The event kicked off with an ice-breaking game, encouraging students to interact and creating a lively atmosphere similar to that of ICI courses.


ICI’s second and third-year students shared the features of three tracks (GG, SS, DA) and their most interesting courses. For the Global Governance track, second-year student Bonnie Yen introduced the highly interactive model of the Negotiation Theater course in Technoscience, Society & Culture. In the Sustainability and Society track, International Law and International Law of Human Rights were introduced, and the debate segment allowed students to exchange values and perspectives with students from different countries, broadening their understanding of the law. Third-year student Gillian showcased the exciting practical results of the “Capstone: Design for Social Innovation” course, explaining the meaning of the term “Capstone.”


For the Data Analytics track, Korean student Jongsung and Israeli student Tomer emphasized the practicality and importance of data analysis, presenting the results of sentiment analysis in the Capstone course. After the first workshop, students from first to third year gathered in groups for a free-topic sharing session, discussing their university lives, career planning, and experiences at ICI.


To showcase the lively course atmosphere and bilingual environment, Professor Smith, who teaches Design Thinking, answered high school students’ questions about college life and used various activities, including improvisation, which was insightful and thought-provoking for students used to the “teacher-centered” teaching model.


The event ended with a dinner party where high school students and ICI students bonded, talking about university life, various clubs, and extracurricular activities. The “One Day with ICI” event concluded on a warm and harmonious note, with students leaving with a better understanding of ICI’s innovative approach to university education.