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Hong Kong Trilogy: Diaspora, Migration and History

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The International College of Innovation, NCCU and the Inclusive Innovation USR Project are going to co-host a series of screenings under the title of Hong Kong Trilogy: Diaspora, Migration and History, to invite students to study the living situation of migrants in Hong Kong. The Directors and speakers of different expertise are also invited to help audience explore different angles of migrants’ lives and see the realities behind the screen.


p.s. This series of events will be held in English.


Intros of the Films


04.26  The Kid (1950)

The Kid, is a 1950 Hong Kong drama film starring the then 9-year-old Bruce Lee in his first leading role in the title role of “Kid Cheung”, based on a comic book character written by Yuen Bou-wan, who also has a role in the film.

p.s. This activity will provide limited meal box

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05.03  Little Cheung (1999)

Little Cheung is a street-wise nine-year-old boy living in a bustling neighbourhood of Hong Kong, just before the reunification with China. His parents are always working at their restaurant, so Little Cheung becomes much closer to his grandmother and her Filipino maid Armi. Little Cheung befriends Fan, a girl his age who is an illegal immigrant from China. He splits his tips with her when she helps him deliver take-outs for his father. The pair have some amusing adventures, and delight in peeing in the drinks of a troublesome thug. Against his father’s will, Little Cheung starts searching for his older brother, whom his father disowned because he became a gangster.

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05.10 My Prince Edward

My Prince Edward is a 2019 Hong Kong film directed by Norris Wong in her directional debut. It starred Stephy Tang and Chu Pak-hong, who portrayed a pair of lovers experiencing challenges as they prepare to step into marriage. The Chinese and English titles allude to Golden Plaza in Prince Edward, a wedding-themed shopping mall. The film was the winner of 4th First Feature Film Initiative and received funding from the Film Development Fund.

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