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2021 Certified Program in Global Governance Admission Intake Kicks Off! Application will be closed on Sep. 15

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2021 Certified Program in Global Governance Admission Intake Kicks Off NOW!

The term, Jurassic periods, must be well known by you all but are you aware that the current era on our planet earth is named after us homo sapiens? ROAR, welcome to the era of Anthropocene!

The omnipresent influences of human beings had become such an overpowering Kryptonian impacts that the ramification of Globalization can never be taken so slightly as we had before.

Wherever you are from and whatever you want to become, the looming global crisis such as climate changes, polarization in politics, global imbalance in capitals, disparities in wealth, misinformation, the ethical problem of AI, and the threats from pandemics had caught us in the torrential of challenges awaiting for floating timbers.

The crisis can be so omniscient that they could infiltrate our works, depress our family, or worse, become parts of our daily lives.

We cannot act like ostriches burying our heads in the sand pits waiting to be engulfed by the crisis again. But rather, we should confront and grab by the bull’s horns so that we may live to see the halcyon days again.


Join our program and let ICI’s top-tier faculty of various disciplines guide you to chart the unforeseen journey in Global Governance guaranteeing for a better future.


Troves of inspiring courses offered this semester:

  • Introduction to Global Studies (全球研究導論)

Elective / 3 credits

English Taught by Prof. Chen, Hung-Ying

  • Misinformation Governance and Democracy (假訊息治理與民主政治)

Elective / 3 credits

Chinese Taught by Pien, Chung-Pei

  • Computer Programming I (程式設計一)

Elective / 3 credits

English Taught by Lin, Tse-Yu

  • Anthropocene and Geopolitics (人類世與地緣政治)

Elective/ 3 credits

English Taught by Yang, Chih-Yuan

  • Global Health Governance (全球衛生治理)

Elective/ 3 credits

English Taught by Lien, Prof. Hsien-Ming et al.



  • The admission quorum will be limited to 20 students this semester. Application closed on 15th September 2021 (before 17:00 GMT+8). Open to all who are keen to expand and tap into your potentials!!


For more information, please refer to program’s webpage.