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演講訊息公告: 4/6 More than Sharp Power: 中國在台灣、香港和全球的影響力操作

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【About the Speech】演講內容資訊

(English Presentation)

How has China’s influence become a global phenomenon? What kind of defiance and resistance does it produce in different regions and countries? In this talk, Jieh-min Wu, research fellow at Academia Sinica, will provide a concentric center-periphery framework for comparing different forms of Chinese influence mechanisms, followed by discussion from William Stanton, former director of AIT.



More than sharp power: Chinese influence operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong and beyond


★Wu, Jieh-min 吳介民
Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica


★William Stanton 司徒文
Vice President of NYMU, former Director of the AIT



Meeting Room 1, 13F, General Building South Wing


【Event Coordinators】舉辦單位

Host 主辦: International College of Innovation 創新國際學院
Co-Host 協辦: Department of Sociology 政大社會系