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Beyond Boundaries: an Online Exhibition from Migration and Globalization Class

By 06/17/2021No Comments
Taught by ICI’s Prof. Tzu-Chi Ou, the Migration and Globalization class targets on migrant issues around the world, along with voluntary tasks and projects to engage in migrant lives in Taiwan.
“Beyond boundaries” is the final exhibition that gathers studentys’ thoughts and consideration towards migrant groups throughout the class
Migrants in Taiwan come from a vast variety of background. Starting with the hope for a better future, migrants left their country to pursue a change of life, hoping to be accepted by their dreamland, Taiwan. The reality, however, does not occur to be the way they expected.
The mission of the exhibition is to shed light on injustices and create awareness among our society in order build a future with equality.
Now, we kindly invite you to join us via our online exhibition from June 17.
Distance between hearts could be eliminated if we choose to embrace each other. This exhibition will surely change your view towards migrant topics, as we step beyond that boundary together.
Exhibit Introduction:
​Beyond Boundaries
It seems that people judge migrants with filters of nationality without consciousness. We sometimes forget that these newcomers to Taiwan are people like us, with their own names and personal stories, traveling their lives with courage. It turns out that boundaries of nations do not matter anymore. Carrying a flexible identity, they are ‘Citizens beyond boundaries’, belonging to where they were and where they are. Before categorizing them with their birth place, why don’t we shed light on their individual life journeys? As we may discover, their existence has already been beyond boundaries between nations.
A combo of LOVE to go
After the eruption of this pandemic, people have been asked to practice ‘Social distancing’ for a while. We stay away from others physically, while people are still less adapted to the overwhelming isolation and loneliness. Communication from the heart is desperately needed in this era. For migrants, however, ‘social distancing’ might not be unfamiliar. Misunderstanding or even discrimination have made migrants suffer from the other aspect of ‘social distancing’. We’re wondering, this pandemic and boundaries shouldn’t be barriers to communication with hearts. Distance between hearts could be eliminated if we kindly embrace each other. Through this exhibition, the distance between us and migrants will no longer be limited by that one meter for physical social distance. We invite you to join this heart-to-heart feast and take out a combo of love!