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Prof. Tzu-Chi Ou’s article nominated on the 2021 Holland Prize Pacific Affairs short list

By 06/07/2022No Comments
Congratulations to our professor Tzu-Chi Ou! Professor Tzu-Chi Ou’s article ‘Spaces of Suspension: Construction, Demolition, and Extension in a Beijing Migrant Neighbourhood’ has been nominated on the 2021 Holland Prize Pacific Affairs short list.
In this article, professor Ou has examined the dynamic interactions between Beijing’s landlords, the migrant tenants, and the authorities.Those dynamics on the margin of the city have characterised urban life in China over the past two decades. Conversations between local residents, migrant tenants and the authorities have been elaborately described, providing readers a deeper insight about suspension.
[About the Holland Prize]
The William L. Holland Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding article published in Pacific Affairs, a magazine based in the University of British Columbia. Articles that best reflect the ideals of long-time editor Bill Holland in promoting international understanding of the spaces, practices, and peoples of Asia and the Pacific may won the prize.