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Inter-School Course Selection Agreement Signed Between NCCU ICI and NTU D-School, Opening Opportunities for Mutual Exchange of Innovative Resources

By 05/15/2024No Comments

On May 10, the International College of Innovation (ICI) at National Chengchi University (NCCU) and the School of Innovation and Design (D-School) at National Taiwan University (NTU) signed an inter-school course selection cooperation agreement on NTU’s campus. This agreement, set to be implemented from the 2024 academic year, will allow students from both colleges to take courses at each other’s institutions, fostering the integration of innovative resources and the expansion of interdisciplinary collaboration. The signing ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests from both colleges, including Dean Tu Wen-Ling, Vice Dean Lien Hsien-Ming, Director of International Relations Guan Ping-Yin, Assistant Professors Bian Zhong-Pei and Yang Chih-Yuan, and Director of the Center for Science, Technology, and Society Liu Chi-Feng from ICI. Representing D-School were Dean Chen Bing-Yu, Vice Dean Chang Sheng-Lin, Professors Yang Guang-Lai, Huang Shan-Yun, Yuan Chien-Wen, and Assistant Professor Huang Shu-Wei.

Outgoing Dean of D-School, Chen Bing-Yu, expressed his long-standing vision for cooperation between the two institutions and his satisfaction at achieving this milestone before his departure. As he prepares to assume the role of Deputy Director of the National Science and Technology Council, he hopes this collaboration will bring about breakthroughs in innovation and academia for both schools. Dean Tu Wen-Ling of NCCU ICI also looks forward to this agreement facilitating not only the sharing of course resources but also broad cooperation in innovation and internationalization between the two schools.

Following the signing ceremony, Assistant Professor Huang Shu-Wei from D-School led the guests on a tour of the school’s facilities, showcasing advanced equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters. The tour highlighted how students use these tools for creative projects and how teams apply design thinking to develop innovative entrepreneurial ideas. This visit not only deepened the participants’ understanding of D-School’s educational philosophy but also solidified expectations for future collaboration in innovation education and interdisciplinary cooperation.

The signing of this inter-school course selection cooperation agreement marks the beginning of a new chapter in the collaboration between these two leading innovation colleges, offering students more opportunities to learn and practice innovation, and jointly nurturing cross-generational innovative talents.