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[ICI Flash Course] World Environment Day Workshop: Pathways & Scenarios Toward Sustainable 2030

By 06/07/2022No Comments

In June 1st 2022, the Global Civil Movement course from the International College of Innovation commenced a workshop regarding Pathways and Scenarios towards a Sustainable 2030. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation, the event was held fully online. The workshop kicked off with a speech by Ms. I-Chin Cheng, in which she shared insights about how we may prepare ourselves—both ideally and in concrete steps—for a more environmental friendly future. Ms. Cheng elaborated how there will be 4 society scenarios that will take place in the future—the first being Multiple Connected Initiative, second being Shared Circular Innovation, third being Compact Green Innovation, and last but not least, the fourth being Local Self-Reliance. Ms. Cheng’s speech was welcomed with much positive reception, as people participating in the event—which has been estimated to be approximately 50 participants—enthusiastically asked questions.
Ms. Cheng’s speech also gave framework to the following activity in the workshop, where participants are sorted into groups and was asked to place themselves in significant roles that will shape a Sustainable 2030. With the help of moderators,—who are students of the Global Civil Movement course themselves—the participants were further asked to elaborate whether the future that we are heading towards is a Better, Sad, or Transition scenarios. Ms. Cheng and lecturer of the Global Civil Movement, Professor Hung-Ying Chen, assisted participants in this brainstorming session. Participants proceeded to visualize the result of their brainstorming session into the form of digital post-it notes through the online platform Jamboard.
The climax of the workshop approaches as participants were asked to share their ideas by appointing a member of each group forward as representative. Each group presented with much enthusiasm and each was also followed by animated emoticon reactions—a feature from the online platform used, Butter—from the audience. The presentations was then followed with a poll that will determine the group with the best presentation. Participants gave out enthusiastic reactions through, again, the animated emoticon reactions feature provided by Butter as the result of the poll is announced. Participants will also be handed out certificates from the event. Although the event was hindered by the precarity of the COVID-19 situation, the workshop concluded with much success.