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Dr. Chih-Yuan Yang, Assistant Professor of ICI, Won the 2021 WANG YUH-FONG Memorial Award

By 06/21/2021July 5th, 2021No Comments
The 2021 WANG YUH-FONG Memorial Award goes to… Chih-Yuan Yang, Assistant Professor of International College of Innovation!!!
Dr. Yang has been devoted to STS (Science, technology, and society) research, and has also won the MOST Best Research Paper Award for Postdoctoral Fellows in 2020.
His research provides an innovative insight on making and implementing public policy in renewable resources and examines the issue through various aspects, inspiring deeper and broader thinking.
🔍 Related Courses Taught by Dr. Yang
Dr. Yang teaches the following courses in ICI: Glocalization of Sustainability, Technological Culture & Innovation: Green Energy Transition, as well as Anthropocene & Geopolitics.
Taking these courses will not only give you a better understanding of the connection between technology, culture, and governing, but also how technology would influence politics, environmental issues, and ultimately our society.
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