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Application For AY2023-24 ICI International Students Scholarship

By 08/14/2023No Comments

The application for AY2023-24 ICI International Students Scholarship is now open. The deadline for applications is 1PM, 24 August 2023.

Documents to Submit:
1. Application Form: Download Here (Required)

  1. Academic Year Results Google Form: LINK (Required)
  2. Transcript(previous academic year)(Required)
  3. Other documents or certificate you’d like to present(Optional)

    1.Please download and complete the Academic Year Results Excel Sheet (Download Here)
    2.Upload the above excel sheet in the 2.Academic Year Results Google Form and make sure you have completed and submitted this form.
    *For all other documents(1,3,4), please email to before 1PM, 24 August 2023(THU), with the subject「2023 ICI SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION_YOUR FULL NAME)