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International Security in Asia

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  1. International Security in Asia?

This course examines major issues of Asian security by linking theory and practice. We will apply various theoretical concepts and arguments to probe the problems of Asian security and analyze the implications. From the classical concepts such as balance of power, deterrence, and grand strategy, to the non-traditional security challenges including climate change, resources scarcity, infectious diseases, natural disasters, refugees and migration, students are expected to understand the changing nature of security in Asia, different theoretical understandings of security issues, and a multidisciplinary approach for assessing the appropriate policy responses.

Main outlines:

  1. Transformation of Asian security
  2. Strategic significance of the South China Sea and territorial disputes
  3. Terrorism in Southeast Asia and security challenges
  4. Maritime security and challenge to Asia security
  5. Nuclear proliferation and challenge to Asian security
  6. Naval competition and Indo-Pacific strategy
  7. Taiwan’s security and challenges