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ICI and Budapest Business School held Research Initiative Conference on Indo-Pacific Strategy

By 12/10/2019December 23rd, 2020No Comments

International College of Innovation and Budapest Business School co-hosted? “BRI and the Indo-Pacific Strategy: Geopolitical Transformation and Regional Response”conference on 12/5 (Thu.) and 12/6 (Fri.), to explore issues of geopolitical competition of the United States and China in the Indo-Pacific and Europe, the political and economic interests of the small nations of Central Europe and South-East-Asia,??information and communication technology, more over, energy security and maritime security.

The conference invited many scholars and experts around the world, more than 13 countries had participated in this important seminar, including?Teodora Wiesenmayer, Faculty Head, International Affairs, Budapest Business School, University of Applied Sciences and the Hungarian Central Bank,?Admiral Chen, Yeong-Kang (ROCN, Retired), Strategic Advisor, Institute for National Defense and Security Research, Mignonne Man-jung Chan, Founder and CEO, Out-of-the-Box Consultancy,?Judit Szilagyi, Assistant professor, Budapest Business School, Faculty of International Management and Business,?Dannielle Andrews, Economic Section Chief, American Institute in Taiwan,?Sayed Ghoneim, Chairman, Institute for Global Security & Defense Affairs,?Chun-Nen Huang, Associate Professor, Department of Fire Science, Central Police University,?Osama Kubbar, Senior Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Strategic Studies Centre,?Lawrence Prabhakar Williams, Advisor, Centre for Public Policy Research,?Rommel Banlaoi, President, Philippine Association for Chinese Studies,?Yuh-Jong Hu, Professor, Department of Computer Science, National Chengchi University,?A. D. Gnanagurunathan, Visiting Scholar, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University,?Tobias Burgers, Project Assistant Professor, Cyber Civilization Research Center, Global Research Institute, Keio University,?Ali Engin Oba, Ambassador (ret.), Professor, International Relations Department, Ca? University,?Hank Lim, Senior Research Fellow, Singapore Institute of International Affairs,?Patrick Mendis, Associate-in-Research, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies,?Dean Karalekas, Research Associate, Taiwan Center for Security Studies,?Yih-Chyi Chuang, Professor, Department of Economics, National Chengchi University etc.

This seminar has not only led scholars and experts around the world joined together to discuss geopolitical and geoeconomic factors, but also established opportunities for future academic cooperation.