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Hong Kong Lecture Series: Diaspora, Migration and History

By 04/14/2022No Comments

Prof. Tzu-Chi Ou invited the founder of Hong Kong Independent Media and also the visiting assistant professor from NYCU, Prof. #Ip #Iam-Chong, to disclose the great history of migrants in Hong Kong for us. Starting from the post-war migrants to the “Gangpiao” phenomenon after Chinese economic reform, Prof Ip will bring us to discover the unfamiliar faces of Hong Kong.


Apart from the three knowledgeable and thought-provoking lectures, the professor also handpicked three Hong Kong movies which perfectly imprint the Honk Kong societies of certain times on the film. And from these movies, the attendants can attain closer experiences and understandings towards the immigrants’ life stories.


Such rare 3+3 package is now open for registration! And you should never miss this great opportunity!



4/26 Chinese Immigrants and Politics in Postwar Hong Kong

5/3   Migrants, Population Flow, and Hong Kong Nativism

5/10  Gangpiao: Cosmopolitanism or Critical Internationalism?


Time: 14:00-16:00

Venue: Bai-Nian Building 330212


Speaker Info: Prof. Ip Iam-Chong (葉蔭聰)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Institute of Social Research and Culture Studies, NYCU

Founder of Hong Kong Independent Media InMediaHK


Registration Link:


Info about the film screenings: