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Great Power Practice in International Organizations and Global Governance

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  1. Great Power Practice in International Organizations and Global Governance

Into a globalized era, global issues prevail challenging global community and states but without clear governances in place. Great power politics has gradually transformed the nature of traditional international relations. New understanding of power politics, great power practice in international institutions, and transformation of new global trends would have to be interpreted with updates.
With the increasing emphasis by the People’s Republic of China on “global governance” rather than “international law” challenging existing US-led international regimes, regional organizations are of increasing importance for Chinese grand strategy. But the PRC’s interaction with such organizations, including the Asia Development Bank, ASEAN, and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, is multifaceted and reflects China’s broader aims to enhance its own influence and, wherever possible, prevent other countries from partnering to counter Chinese objectives.
This course examines multiple regional organizations regarding China, Taiwan and others as well as analyzes their ongoing practice within these organizations.

Main outlines:

1. Globalization, Global Governance and International Relations Theory
2. Great Power Politics in a globalized world
3. ASEAN in U.S.-China Competition and the Indo-Pacific development
4. China’s practice in international organizations