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Global Governance

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  1. Global Governance

This course aims to take an overall survey of governance in international context. In the rise of Asian century, there are new areas of demand in all regions calling for a more inclusive and innovative global perspective to cutting across the conventional theories, rationale, mechanism and institute of governance. Given this, the course would review the historical evolution of the international system and basic concepts of international relations and public international law, examine the international cooperation and highlight specific issues areas including international law and governance, security and peacekeeping, human rights, migration, refugees, foreign aids, etc. Studies of non-state actors such as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and multinational corporations (MNCs) as well as trans-governmental relations of sub-national governments and government agencies would also be covered in class.
Main outlines:

  1. Global governance and legal perspectives
  2. Climate change and global governance
  3. Nuclear energy and proliferation change to global governance
  4. Technology and global governance
  5. The Arctic, ocean and global governance awareness
  6. Information in the context of global governance