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G2S2 Lecture – Mr. Paul Hsu : What’s Your Brave New World

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07/18/2019? Special Seminar on Asia Entrepreneurship?and Business

Lecture Topic: What’s Your Brave New World

Class taken by Mr. Paul Hsu

Mr. Hsu gave lecture in the topic “What’s Your Brave New World” emphasizing and inspiring new generations to tackle today’s inequality problems.

The class began with the background of modern capitalist economy development: traditional western style of capitalism under challenge, state capitalism being questioned, the rise of emerging market economies, and the importance of innovation and start-ups: the beginning of a new cycle of global economy. Latter on, the lecturer emphasized qualities that entrepreneur should have: entrepreneurship, innovation, team building & communication, commitments & persistence, leadership, adaptation, empathy & responsibility, execution, problem solving, continuous learning, integrity, personal accountability, network & resource integration, and global perspective.

The trend of new technology has facilitated a more integrated global economy as well as enhancing endless imagination for creating new business models. There are recent trends that new entrepreneurs should focus to create their market; e-commerce: online shopping, bitcoin, facebook, social media, drone delivery; healthcare; food and agriculture; energy; finance; education; and life-style. Also, do not think about only internal market but think about international market.