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G2S2 Lecture – Amb. Andrew Hsia : The Status Quo Across the Taiwan Straits and How to Maintain It

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07/16/2019??Cross-Strait Interactions

Lecture Topic:?The Status Quo Across the Taiwan Straits and How to Maintain It

Class taken by Amb. Andrew Hsia

Dr. Tobias Burgers holds a doctoral degree at the Otto Suhr Institute, Free University Berlin. His research interests include the impact of cyber and robotic technology on security dynamics, East-Asian security relations, maritime security and the future of conflict.

Before discussing the governance of the internet in Dr. Tobias’s class, he traced back to the history about the sovereignty that resulted in the development of international relations. The Industrial Revolution is also the major event that created the market economy. However, it did not have only good aspects. At that time, factories strongly need laborers to work. The changing life of people from an agricultural society to an urban society exacerbate the living conditions. Moreover, child labors were hired heavily during this time. The questions were raised: What is the ground moral in the society? Who still cares the governance? Luckily, the world partially improved these poor conditions although many developing countries still have these problems. But the global awareness embedded in the international organizations that have committees in charges of it.

The world is more complicated than in the past especially the issues on internet. There are no such regulations that have common grounds to accept in every counterpart. It is not surprised a privacy policy is a key debate because everybody is worried about the surveillance. The hot topic includes 5G infrastructure from China that the US warned users if they use because the US claimed China can monitor through these tools. He also stressed the world will polarize into two camps: 1) the Western camp 2) the Chinese camp. Each camp has totally different values. For Chinese camp, they are not reluctant if was monitored by someone but it is not acceptable under the Western camp.