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G2S2 Lecture – Dr. Jian Yang : The Equation of I = P + A +T

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08/01/2019?Global Governance

Lecture Topic: The Equation of I = P + A +T

Class taken by Dr. Jian Yang

Dr. Yang Jian is Vice President and Senior Fellow at the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS). He specializes in the International political economy (IPE), China’s regional strategy in polar affairs and cyber governance.

In this class, Dr. Yang began with this equation (I = P + A +T). The meanings of I, P, A and T are impact, population, affluence and technology respectively. For one country, the size of population is matter. Then, resources are also vital to drive the economic growth. For example, before the World War II, steel and coal were major components of industrialization and these inputs for industries also caused the disputes due to the resource extractions.

The most important part in his class is the issues on technology. He raised the question whether it has the sovereignty on cyberspace. It seems there are no boundaries because no country can claim the area on internet so it become more complicated, vulnerable and interconnected.