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G2S2 Lecture – Dr. Jacques deLisle :The Concept of Westphalian System and The Rising of China

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08/02/2019 International Law and Global Governance in Asia

Lecture Topic:?The Concept of Westphalian System and The Rising of China

Class taken by Dr. Jacques deLisle?

Dr. Jacques deLisle is Stephen A. Cozen Professor of Law & Professor of Political Science and Director of Center for East Asian Studies. His research concentrates on contemporary Chinese law and politics, including: legal reform and its relationship to economic reform and political change in China, the international status of Taiwan and cross-Strait relations, China’s engagement with the international order, legal and political issues in Hong Kong under Chinese rule, and U.S.-China relation.

Dr. Jacques began with the concept of Westphalian system that initiates the beginning of nation state. This ideology insists to against the internal intervention of other states. In addition, each ethic group should have the right to have their own state. However, throughout the history from all world wars and the cold war, all major powers established the bloc to counter its enemies.

The China rising also discussed in class. He pointed out China is eager to be the major power and desire to control the Pacific Ocean that the US still has the major role to navigate in this area. But this time China is a well-prepared challenger to the US because they tried to follow the steps of the US after the World War II. For instance, setting up the parallel organizations to influence the follower states. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a good example that replicates the international financial institutions like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. In conclusion, the US faces the competitor that has not been easy like previous competitors including Russia in the 2000s, Japan in the 1980s, and the Soviet Union during te cold war.