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G2S2 Lecture – Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu : US-China Relation

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07/22/2019? Cross-Strait Interactions

Lecture Topic: US-China Relation

Class taken by Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu

The class emphasizes in the topic Impacts of US-China Relation on the Cross-Strait Relation. There were shift and change in Taiwan’s mainland policy, in December 1979, ROC segregated diplomatic relationship with the US and the US-China normalized relationship. President Chiang Ching-Kuo announced “three noes” policy (no contact, no negotiation, and no compromise) toward China. President Lee Teng-hui era posted “No haste, be patient” to “two states” theory.

In the President Chen Shui-bian era, there was active opening and effective management toward China. During the President Ma Ying-jeou era, there was proposing “new three noes” (no unification, no independence, no use of force) and peaceful development with China. At the present, President Tsai Ing-wen has posed maintaining status quo foreign policy toward China, and proposed “four noes” which are our pledges will not change, and our goodwill will not change, but Taiwan will not bow to pressure, and Taiwan will of course not revert to the old path of confrontation.

Contrastingly, in China policy perspective, Chinese government thinks that Taiwan is a family member; therefore Taiwan should sit and talk with China. The President Xi Jingping of China pressures for peaceful unification, while the President Tsai plays tough against China. In the domestic context, the President of Taiwan is pushing “desinicization” process further, refusing to conciliate with China under a political precondition, accepting 1992 consensus.