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G2S2 Lecture – Dr. Dennis Hu : An Exploration of Current Asian Industry & Commerce

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07/11/2019? Special Seminar on Asian Entrepreneurship and business

Lecture Topic: An Exploration of Current Asian Industry & Commerce

Class taken by Dr.?Dennis Hu

Director General, Office of International Cooperation Dr. Dennis Hu, came to the G2S2 programs, with the topic of The Age of the Digital Convergence, provide students with real time experience within the Asian business scenarios. At the beginning of the class, He started with the past of Asian industry, focusing on how the ancient silk road affects nowadays trade net in modern Asia. During the class, He also emphasized the idea that mobile connectivity in Asia, and the protection of personal information while we are using these devices and applications. He also explained how the internet system affect the way we live, by giving examples of the importance of 5G and the smart devices in Taipei City.

When talked about the security of the big data, students showed their passion and enthusiasm toward the topic. For example, one of the student Laura, asked about if there’s any movement that the Asian countries use to secure the big data, and how did they use it. The other student Veronica, asked about how 5G use in military issues, and what are the ways they use 5G to fight the war, or even start a war.