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G2S2 Lecture – Dr. Dennis Hu : An Exploration of Current ASIAN Industry and Commerce Development

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08/15/2019 Special Seminar on Asian Entrepreneurship and Business

Lecture Topic: The Age of Digital Convergence (An Exploration of Current ASIAN Industry and Commerce Development)

Class taken by Dr. Dennis Hu

The class talked about the topic “The Age of Digital Convergence (An Exploration of Current ASIAN Industry and Commerce Development)”. The lecturer emphasized on digital industry economy 5 which are Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. In Taiwan, there are highlights of the strength for Taiwan smart and development: well-developed clusters, integration of technology, and innovation and creativity. There are high-tech industry cluster, 1.5 hours from north to south, in Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung. Emphasizing on semiconductor, IT hardware, IT software, and biotech.

The lecturer gave examples of 5+2 industry innovation programs in Taiwan. The vision is focusing on core concepts of innovation employment and distribution. There are three links: link with local resources, to the future, with global markets. The innovation programs are smart machinery, Asian Silicon Valley, green energy, national defense, and biotech and pharmaceutical. Plus two initiatives are circular economy, and new agriculture. There are three newly sector coming into Taiwan which are digital economy, technology for culture, and IC design and semiconductor. Finally, the lecturer concluded that there would be five smart futures for Taiwan as a slogan “Together We Make the SMART Future”, which are smart manufacturing, smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart retail, smart education, and smart energy.