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G2S2 Lecture – Amb. Andrew Hsia : The Status Quo Across the Taiwan Straits and How to Maintain It

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07/16/2019??Cross-Strait Interactions

Lecture Topic:?The Status Quo Across the Taiwan Straits and How to Maintain It

Class taken by?Amb. Andrew Hsia

Taiwan, the island ruled by the Republic of China, has a very special position in the International Society. This island define itself as an independent country, yet most of the country in the world, especially People’s Republic of China, do not recognize Taiwan as a country. Recognition to Taiwan is a rather important issue, along with the international legal documents, we will take a deeper look of Taiwan’s problem.

To understand the root of the problem, Ambassador start with a short virus clip online to show how much confusion the problem causes to people. The “One China” policy is what people are talking about. Both People’s Republic of China and Republic of China had claimed that they should be the “China”. However, as the UN 2758 Resolution declared, People’s Republic of China is the only representative of China in the UN. Republic of China from the point seems to be wipe out from the world.

But in the reality, Taiwan, or Republic of China, still exist. Actually, it still tries its best to show the world that it still has enough power to be an important actor. Beside the efforts it makes to show itself, Taiwan also starts negotiating with People’s Republic of China. The result of the negotiation is the 92 Consensus. The Consensus more or less brings the two country to a more peaceful situation. Both country kind of agree the Consensus should be the document that solved the conflict.

After several times of election, Taiwan now is ruled by President Tsai, while PRC itself also changes the ruler for several times. The situation between Taiwan and PRC are changing, so as the recognition of the people in the world. The China issue will still be the most complicated question on the table, yet all of us know, peace should be the only solution for everyone.