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Cross-Strait Interactions

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  1. Cross-Strait Interactions

The enduring legacy of conflict between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China is the stature of Taiwan in the international system. Today, Taiwan’s security, politics, economy, and future are all intimately tied to both its international stature and its relationship with China. As such, while Taiwan’s international relations are important, it’s?relations across the Taiwan Strait – Cross-Strait Interactions – are perhaps even more important to understand. Cross-Strait Interactions today range from economic and political to the cultural and personal. This course examines these interactions in detail and provides opportunity for students to consider the future of the Cross-Strait relationship.

Main outlines:

  1. Nature of the Cross-strait relation
  2. Relevance of China-Taiwan economic cooperation to regional economic integration
  3. Significance of supply/value chain across the Taiwan Strait
  4. Taiwan’s domestic politics and the future of Cross-strait relation
  5. Impacts of US-China relation on the cross-strait relation